No more long tutorials to build your Excel formulas with Sheetplus. Sheetplus is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to create Excel or Google Sheets formulas. Just write what you want and get the right formula in seconds. A free version is offered that gives access to the creation of 5 formulas or explanations per month.

Humata synthesises a long text according to your criteria. Ask it any question about a document and it will answer it immediately. It can also process documents from several articles, data, information sources. A free version limited to 60 pages is available.

Simi Move is a $9.99 smartphone/tablet application that records and analyses an athlete's/patient's walking or running pattern. The application allows the user to select a predefined protocol: analysis in the sagittal and frontal planes, choice of anatomical markers at the different joints to measure the evolution of the different angles. Videos and analyses can then be shared by e-mail. We appreciate its user-friendly and ergonomic interface, its unique price, the rapid analyses that allow you to get immediate feedback, the ease of sharing the results. We regret the difficulty in precisely positioning the markers, the need to have an iPhone to obtain an accurate result, the limitation of not being able to use this application for movements other than walking and running (e.g. hitting the target).

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