RELEASE is a digital platform that covers the latest trends in research and development in the field of performance and health.

Created by Gregory Dupont and the FELIS team, this platform is aimed at all those who wish to develop their professional skills in the field of sport or with the help of sport, to improve their health, to invest, to design products for athletes or the general public based on the latest scientific advances and technological innovations.

General managers, chief executives, sports directors, managers and collaborators, coaches, performance managers, physical trainers, doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists, psychologists, players, leaders, students, researchers, and health and performance enthusiasts will find a wealth of accessible and practical information.

RELEASE is divided by three main sections:


In the INNOVATION section, we keep you abreast of new trends to help you stay at the forefront of innovation. We identify innovative solutions, products and start-ups that could ultimately play a major role in the field of health and sports performance. We then analyse these technologies to help you choose the best solutions.


In the SCIENCE section, we present the best scientific studies in the fields of training, nutrition and medicine. We select the best studies and interview the authors about their practical applications. We answer your questions using scientifically rigorous methods to determine the level of scientific evidence.


In the FIELD section, we present practical, accessible content that can be applied directly in the field. We interview coaches, analysts, medical and health professionals, scientists and other performance experts to analyse their working methods, procedures and practices.

We draw on an editorial team of the world's leading experts in performance and health, combining cutting-edge research with experience of elite sport.