Athletic performance monitoring with integrated shoe/sole sensors and AI.

Support: Pods, soles and software.

Solution: Plantiga provides athletes’ monitoring by combining the precision of GPS and kinematic analysis in a single IMU sensor that fits seamlessly into any shoe, insole, or cleat. Their approach allows for the production of detailed insights into athlete load, performance, and asymmetries, mirroring the data quality from motion capture and force plate systems, yet with a lot of convenience and adaptability​.

Expertise : Plantiga's expertise lies in leveraging AI and in-shoe sensors to provide detailed, research-validated analysis of performance.

Price : contact the company directly here.

Note : validation  by the company itself, as well as external ones for jump, run and walk are available to the public.

Interview with Quin Sandler, Plantiga co-founder

Quin Sandler
Quin Sandler

What’s the story behind Plantiga?

I founded Plantiga with my father, Norman McKay, as a side project over a decade ago. The goal was the democratization of biomechanics and movement health. He saw how valuable a gait lab was, but understood how much friciton was involved in collecting and analyzing biomechanical and movement data, while collecting outside a lab was near impossible. Today, there is no way for most people to access this valuable dataset.

Who is the team?

Today, we are 12, with deep domain expertise across hardware, software, machine learning, AI, manufacturing, applied sport science and product design. We build everything in our tech stack, including manufacutring and assembling the hardware oursleves at our offices in Vancouver, Canada. Our Chief Scientific Officer is a world renowned scientist, coach, professor and researcher, Dr. Matt Jordan.

What problem does Plantiga respond to?

For human performance and rehab specialists, we solve the problem of measuring movement in ecological relevant environments. In essense, we bring the lab to the person with a valid, accurate, powerful, and unobtrusive small sensor that can be embedded in an insole, sock liner, orthotic or shoe.
Our platform provides the insights that enable practitioners to make better care decisions, improving outcomes across return-to-play/injury rehab, injury prevention and performance.

Can you talk about your success stories so far?

To date, the company has generated $1.1 millions in revenue across hardware and subscription services, with $1.6 millions in orders set for delivery in the next 18 months. A notable achievement is the development of a vast patent portfolio, including a significant patent for any motion-sensing device integrated into footwear. Among our prestigious clientele are sports giants like the Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets, LA Dodgers, and Toronto Blue Jays, alongside top-tier institutions such as the US Tennis Association and universities like Oklahoma and Virginia. Our investment landscape looks promising, with backing from industry veterans and new investors alike.

What’s on the horizon for Plantiga ?

We are focusing on extending our automatic movement detection algorithms to identify and assess various sport specific movements. We will continue to invest in our reporting and data visualizations, as well as building out our mobile app with consumer friendly UX/UI. Our mobile app will be where all athletes/patients can view the data collected on them, and will lead the way to our consumer offering. We will also launch a consumer beta program for athletes, tracking 150 - 200 individually over 2023/2024.

Is there any scientific publication validating Plantiga’s technology ?

Internal validation as well as external ones for jump, run and walk are available. We are also going through an extensive round of validation with National Basketball Association (NBA) as we will be on the ‘approved wearables list’ for next year, which means any player can be tracked with Plantiga with the sign-off from the Player’s Union and the NBA.

What is the best way for potential investors or clients to contact you?

Any investors interested in our current $2 millions Pre-Series A, please contact me at

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