Mobile application for sports performance evaluation through video analysis.

Support: Mobile application.

Solution: MyJump Lab is a mobile app that consolidates multiple tools for sports performance evaluation, offering precise and accessible measurements of athletic abilities such as jumping, running, or strength training exercises.

My Jump Lab is an app that combines My Jump 2, My Lift, Runmatic, My ROM, My Mocap, Nordics, Readiness, COD Timer and ForceData in a single app, making testing convenient, practical and affordable.

Expertise: Users highlight the app’s accuracy, ease of use, and affordability (compared to lab analyses) as its standout features.


7 days trial period


Monthly subscription

3,99 €

Yearly subscription

29,99 €

Note : My Jump Lab’s relevance and efficiency is backed by independent scientific studies.

Validity and reliability (if you want to know what it means, click here) have been tested and published in scientific papers:



Interview with Carlos Balsalobre, founder of My Jump Lab, who won the price of the best innovation in sport science at the Sport Innovation Summit in Paris (2018).

-  Can you introduce yourself?

I am a professor of biomechanics and sports technology at the Autonomous University of Madrid. I also offer muscle strengthening advice to Olympic runners and I develop mobile applications.

Why did you create MyJump Lab?

During my doctoral studies, I faced a challenge with the limited means at my disposal for measuring athletic performance—the lab at my university was somewhat behind the times, and getting my hands on the scant equipment available was no small feat. I found myself constantly on the lookout for more affordable and portable alternatives that could simplify my research. It turned out I wasn't alone; many professionals out in the field were bumping into the same hurdles. The game changed when Apple launched its first iPhone with slow-motion capabilities. It sparked the idea of developing an app capable of measuring jump heights through straightforward video analysis, tapping into the already recognised accuracy of professional slow-motion video analysis for performance metrics. This led me to develop a suite of apps to assess various aspects of physical performance, from jump heights to sprint speeds and weightlifting velocity. My goal was always clear: to make performance measurement technology accessible to all.

Who is in your team?

Truth be told, it’s a solo mission for me—I don’t have a team or collaborators to help with the app. From coding to design and idea generation, I’m the one-man band behind it all. Yet, I constantly draw inspiration from the brilliance of renowned scientists, coaches, and industry professionals. Their groundbreaking work fuels my ambition to refine and enhance my app continuously.

What problem does My Jump Lab address?

MyJump Lab aims to make sports performance tech affordable for everyone and enables remote monitoring of athletes through video analysis. This feature was especially valuable during the pandemic, allowing athletes to train and share their progress from home.

What are your achievements?

It's incredibly rewarding to see my app gaining traction in less affluent countries, with its usage spanning over 100 countries globally and nearing 200,000 downloads. It's equally astounding to witness elite sports organisations like the EPL, LaLiga, NBA, and Olympic teams adopting it for on-the-go assessments and quick evaluations in the field, circumventing the need for traditional, bulky lab equipment.

What are the next development steps for your application?

Honestly, it's all up in the air! I keep a close eye on the tech landscape because my app rides on the coattails of existing hardware capabilities. Over the past couple of years, I've rolled out major updates, harnessing the burgeoning AI prowess of smartphones to unlock features once thought impossible, like marker-free real-time analysis of jumps and weightlifting. Augmented reality seems like the next frontier. I'm even dabbling with the cutting-edge Vision Pro mixed reality tech as we speak.

Do you have scientific publications validating the results obtained with Absolutely, MyJump Lab has been put to the test. You can dive into the research on my Researchgate profile . It's incredibly rewarding to see teams from all over the globe, with no ties to me, independently verify the app's effectiveness. This kind of validation really shines a light on the app's reliability and transparency.

-  What is the best way for investors or potential clients to contact you?

You can find me on X or Instagram at @balsalobrephd, or contact me by email at



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