U-Scan from Whithings is a home urine analysis device.

Support : mobile device and app

Solution : U-Scan by Withings is a compact home urine analysis device that seamlessly integrates into any toilet bowl, offering instant health insights by monitoring and detecting a wide range of parameters present in urine. It provides practical advice for health and nutrition improvement.

Expertise : their pebble-shaped reader uses interchangeable analysis cartridges designed for specific parameters that allow for easy data collection without the need for external sample collection or test strips. The Cycle Sync version of U-Scan addresses the challenges faced by female athletes due to hormonal fluctuations. U-Scan Cycle Sync provides in-depth analysis of hydration and nutritional parameters, and offers targeted interventions to sportswomen for optimal performance throughout the menstrual cycle.

Prices :

U-Scan Cycle Sync Kit

499,95 €

Nutri Balance Kit

499,95 €

Monthly subscription

29,95 €

Note : To our knowledge, no independent study has yet validated the reliability of U-Scan by Withings.

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