Vivoo is a healthcare technology company that provides at-home urine tests and a related mobile app. The company's core offering is a urine test kit that allows users to track various wellness parameters by analysing their urine sample. The Vivoo app processes the test results and provides users with personalised feedback and advice based on their health data.
The app also offers personalised diet and lifestyle advice from dieticians based on the individual's test results. In addition, users can sync wearables such as fitness trackers with the app to gain further insights into their sleep patterns, activity levels and heart rate.

Benefits for sports club 

Vivoo offers several benefits in the world of sports, especially for sports clubs and professional athletes:

1. Health and Well-being Monitoring: Vivoo enables regular monitoring of wellness parameters such as hydration, essential nutrient levels : Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium, Hydration, Salinity, Ketones, Oxidative Stress, Urine pH, and Protein.  This allows to quickly detect any deficiencies or imbalances and take preventive action to preserve athletes health. 

2. Performance Optimization: By providing personalised analyses and advice on nutrition and lifestyle, Vivoo allows to design training programs and meal plans tailored to each athlete. Athletes can receive personalized recommendations for specific dietary supplements. This ensures that athletes receive the necessary nutrients to support their performance and recovery.

3. Real-time Tracking:  With results available in just 90 seconds, Vivoo offers real-time health monitoring. This enables clubs to respond quickly to changes and individual athletes needs, which is particularly crucial during intense training and competition periods.

4. User-Friendly: The at-home urine test is easy to conduct, making the use of Vivoo convenient and accessible for athletes and sports clubs. Results are delivered through a user-friendly app, allowing for easy tracking and quick understanding of the data.

5. Comprehensive Health Monitoring: By integrating the option to sync wearable devices with the Vivoo app, sports clubs can obtain additional data on athletes sleep, physical activity, and heart rate. This integration provides a more comprehensive view of athletes overall health and can help optimise training and recovery programs.


· 3 months subscriptions (12 vivoo tests): 29.99 $/ month - 89.99 $ every 3 month

· 6 months subscriptions (24 vivoo tests): 24.99 $/ month - 149.99 $ every 6 months

· One time purchase (4 vivoo tests): 39.99 $

In conclusion, Vivoo brings significant benefits to the world of sport by providing personalised health monitoring tools and enabling sports clubs to make informed decisions to optimise the performance, recovery and overall wellbeing of their athletes. However, we need to examine the reliability of this technology to monitor the data provided. To our knowledge, there has been no study to validate this device.

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